Business Advisory

Can your business run a little leaner?

If you need better financial management and fewer unnecessary hiccups like missing invoices, expense receipts or bank statements, we can help. 

In general, do you know your business numbers? Are you measuring your monthly performance, and do you know how you stack up against industry competitors? When looking to boost your business growth, it’s essential you continuously track and monitor your performance to make improvements. 

At Argent Partners, we can offer you some surprisingly good solutions. Our online chat box is only one click away, so let’s discuss the future of your business!

Some of our services include helping you:

  • Use software to improve your inventory and inventory cost management
  • Generate on-time, correct invoicing and billing, and ensuring you never miss collecting money or paying a bill
  • Organise payroll management so you have correct calculations – on time, every time.

Starting out in business? Get the basics right.

If you’re starting a new business, we can help you register the company, find a suitable business name and complete the necessary tax registrations on the same day. 

Based on your very own unique set of circumstances, our experienced accountants will give you advice on the best structure type for your new venture. We help you achieve minimised tax obligations, as well as protect your personal and family wealth from the ups and downs of business.

Be clever about your tax position  Protect your assets.

When choosing a suitable business structure, it goes much deeper than the simple question of ‘company or trust’ or ‘X tax rate or Y tax rate’. 

Often, when there are different family members involved, a combination of the two will go a long way to achieve what you desire for your tax implication and asset protection goals. Our core expertise is to help you set it up correctly, and we’ll take care of your trust minutes, annual accounts, appropriating the annual distributions, and, finally, the tax lodgement. 

We can tend to the ASIC registrations and deregistration, update your details and respond to information requests.

Are you better than your competitors?

Benchmark your business in various key metrics against your competitors. 

In the information age, information is power. And you need to know yours.

Do you know:

  1. What the net profit rate should be in your industry and area? 
  2. What COGS rate (Cost of Goods Sold) you should be aiming for? 
  3. What geographical areas your most profitable customers are in?
  4. What your turnover should be for the same amount of labour overhead you pay?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, get in touch. It’s important to know the right information as it guides your business decision making – In everything from expansion into a new area to looking for opportunities to reduce labour costs.

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