Self Managed Super Funds


Would you like to have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) account that gives you total control but with minimum work to manage it? One that only requires you to make the best investment decisions, and then you can sit back and watch it grow – year after year?

Then, pay minimal tax throughout the lifetime of this SMSF and seamlessly pass this great investment vehicle down the bloodline, paying a flat, predictably reasonable fee in instalments to balance your cash flow?

Now, that’s the goal! And we can help you achieve it. 

With a combined total of 20 years’ experience in Self Managed Super Fund administration, the team at Argent Partners is well-positioned to handle your SMSF. 

We cover:

  • SMSF annual compliance 
  • SMSF Tax Preparation and Lodgement
  • SMSF Audit
  • Compilation of Financial Reports.

During your SMSF journey, we help you across all stages from start to finish:

  1. Setup stage
  2. Accumulation stage, and 
  3. Pension stage. 

We keep it compliant at all times, and you get the flexibility to invest your money in the opportunities you see fit, the way you want it.

Argent Partners does not partner with any financial planning companies. Our compliance and audit service is 100% independent of third party influence.

When running your SMSF, tax effective contributions and timing are required to ensure optimum tax consequences under an array of different scenarios and their implications. 

We offer you well thought-out solutions on control of capital flows and asset disposals to get you the best tax outcome. The more money that stays in your nest egg, the better.

Long before you reach the pension stage of your SMSF, you need to consider estate planning for your SMSF assets. Having the right set up from the beginning will ensure the maximum preservation of wealth is transferred down through the generations. 

Focus on investing your fund. We’ll take care of the paperwork.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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