Whether you pay more tax or less tax, we’ll get you tax compliant​

If you’re in need of expert tax accountants and business advisors, and you’re not getting the maximum tax benefit or concessions for your business, schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with us.  

Are you plagued by common tax dilemmas? Do these problems sound familiar?

  • You’ve missed the annual tax lodgement deadline.
  • Your year-end accounts are a total mess. 
  • You don’t remember the last time you checked your ASIC profile, let alone updated your information, renewed the registration or responded to ASIC requests.
  • All your time is tied up fixing other operational problems, and you can’t stop for fear of letting the company fall apart. You don’t have any help sorting your receipts from this year or with data entry into the system.
  • The tax bill plus a hefty late tax lodgement fine is imminent, and you’re having a mental block on what to do next. 
  • You fired your last tax agent for being cold and disinterested in tackling your tax problems.

Take a deep breath, relax. We can help. 

As an experienced business accounting team and tax agency, we’ll listen to your burning business issues during a free 30-minute consultation. 

We’ll explain in detail each issue and the steps necessary to arrive at the most beneficial outcome. 

Developing a custom plan, we offer you a safe hand to get out of the mess. Using plain English, we break down the exact steps you need to take to get your Income Tax and Integrated Client accounts (GST/PAYG Account) spotlessly clean. 

We also provide you with a clear-cut timeline so you know your full tax year can be lodged on time. Where necessary, we can negotiate with the ATO on your behalf to get the ideal no-fine outcome.

Before you take the initiative to chat to us, please have as much information as you can ready so we can fully understand your needs.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t fly blind with your tax affairs.

Did you know, you can substantially improve your tax position by tweaking your business structure? 

For some small businesses, a company structure is vastly superior, but for others a discretionary trust fits the bill. If you haven’t studied the differences in detail and their tax implications, how would you know?

Bothered by a specific tax item? We’re with you.

Whether you’re in a jam with capital gains tax or have a division 7a compliance problem, we can help. We look at your specific set of circumstances, analyse all the options, and work out the most suitable course of action. For other more commonly seen issues with specific tax items, like GST/PAYG, land tax and payroll tax, chat to us to understand where you stand.

When it comes to unusual scenarios and taxation circumstances, you can count on us to give you reliable and impartial advice. If your case is a little bit different and may need an ATO private ruling, Argent Partners is your go-to team to get it done.

International income where the tax office disagrees with your position? We can give you the most up-to-date double taxation advice.

For government grants and tax concession findings – standard to our taxation compliance service  we perform a free comprehensive search for your business on all the concessions you are entitled to and government grants you may be eligible for. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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